Kolmer Special Motors

Welcome to the dynamic world of Kolmer Special Motors. A place where we design engines and produce according to your specific requirements. Never get started right away with the most obvious idea, but always looking for the most effective and efficient solution:
Kolmer Special Motors is your solid partner for flexible power!

Many companies cannot cope with standard electric motors. That’s why they come to specialists such as KSM. In addition to our standard range, we can offer ‘standard plus’ and of course the real specials.
The ‘specials’ we mean engines which are built according to customer specifications. This ranges from small drives for example mechanical engineering, to megawatt engines for Petrochemical or submersible motors for shipbuilding.
Customized according to the requirement of the customer.

As a specialist in customer-specific solutions, we work with the established electric motors brands but are not restricted to. We always remain the best solution for you.